About Us

Realtime Pictures is a production and facilities company, established in 1996, where everyone and everything tells a story, even the coffee machine. It is formed by a tightly knit team that is not only skilled in producing quality entertainment, but are also not afraid to get their hands dirty. Realtime Pictures is as passionate about your work as you are and will do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality. Whatever you need, we can facilitate.

Realtime Pictures is located in the heart of Linden, a bustling suburb just south of Randburg which has become one of the main production hubs in Johannesburg. Our mission is to be professional in our field and to deliver standards of an international quality. We believe in skills transfers and hands-on training, which stimulates the industry.

Meet the Team

Quentin Haffern: Owner and CEO, founded Realtime Pictures as a facilities company in 1996, and have been directing multi-cam studio shoots since 2000. His vast technical experience has resulted in him lecturing on numerous occasions for different training organisations. He ran the first television MAPP SETA learner ship programme in 2006 with 18 learners and achieved a 100% pass rate.

He has since added numerous shows to his repertoire. Some include, Toks and Tjops, Noot vir Noot and Musiek Roulette. Realtime Pictures has also recently aided in the production of Raising Babies 101, and Bonisanani. Currently in production is The Property Apprentice.

He is a coffee connoisseur, attentive teacher, editor, handyman and all round rockstar!

Greg Licence: Our resident General Manager graduated from the Academy of Sound Engineering in 2007. He started working at Realtime Pictures in 2009 as the audio final mix engineer, working on a variety of shows from sitcoms to dramas to everything in-between. He completed a Final Cut Pro course - there was no stopping him from there!

He took on camera work, graphics jobs and other industry-related work.


Fanuel Matshaya: This Studio Manager and handyman has been at Realtime Pictures for 15 years! He started off as an assistant and worked his way up the ranks to studio manager and is now known as a Jack of all trades. He knows the studios better than his own house (because he built them). He’s super powers include having a good knowledge of lighting, audio and signal flow and being able to fix any technical Problem without loosing Focus. He also makes a really mean cup of coffee.

Eric Tchaba: Studio assistant and Fanuel's Sidekick, has been trained on the fundamentals of rigging, lighting and making great cappuccinos for those early morning shoots. He learns something new on every shoot and is happy to be of service to fulfil any client needs. His superpowers include being very efficient with getting artist micked and ensuring everything runs smoothly, even the generator!



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